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What the Protein

Overthinking usually tends too over or under eating.

So lets chat about protein.

Protein is the single most important nutrient for weight loss and a better looking body. A correct about of grams of protein for your daily intake will lead to a boost in your metabolism, reduces appetite, fuels fat burning and promotes muscle repair and growth.

How much protein do you need to each each day?

A solid science based recommendation is between 0.7-1.0/lb per of your body weight.

Meaning is you weight 150 lbs and your goal weight is 130 lbs, a target protein range would be 105-130 grams.

NOW the question mostly asked. Are you sure I won't get bulky?

Bulky is a word women fear, protein is the KEY to getting the results you want.

Here is what protein will promote

  • Help you look lean and the toned look your looking for

  • Help feel energized

  • Help you lose weight without feeling hungry

Here is a little more about why protein is so key

*Protein is the building blocks of muscle. Not only will protein preserve lean muscle while "dieting" being in a calorie deficit, but you can also build lean muscle to help you get that toned look you are looking for.

* Protein also improves recovery and muscle repair. You will provides your muscles with the building blocks for your muscles need to repair and the increase protein can help you tendons and connective tussores repair. Greater protein syntheses accelerates tissue repair and straighten connective tissue to reduce the risk of injury.

*Makes weight loss easier. Yes I said easier, the thermogenic effect of preotein. The energy we use to digest protein has a higher TEF compared to other macronutrients , meaning you are burins more calories to process protein.

Next let chat about how much you should eat at one sitting.

A good start is 25 grams at each sitting if not more.

Why 25 grams? Because that is the amount of leucine to maximally stimulate muscles protein syntheses (i.e muscle building). A little more about leucine, leucine is the main BCAA(Branch Chain Amino Acids). The one that is responsible for muscle building, it's an anabolic trigger. Research shows you need to hit a threshold amount of leucine about 3-5 grams to active this muscle building trigger.

Protein sources:

White Fish
Cottage Cheese
Protein Bars


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