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Micro-Factor will help fill the lack where nutrition is lacking. his daily packet contains a multivitamin, probiotic (for gut health and immunity), a fruit and veggie blend, and antioxidant (reduce free radicals in the body and keep our cells young and healthy), CoQ10 (heart health, cholesterol reduction), and an essential fatty acid (for immunity, fat loss, and reduce inflammation).

This greens product contains 50 greens that are non-gmo and organic harvested only in the US and Canada. As our diets not only lack 10-12 servings of fruits and veggies a day, diets also lack variety and quality foods free from pesticides and modifications. Opti-Greens fills that gap to reduce acidity in the body and restore natural pH, boost immunity, gut health, digestive issues, and primes the body for fat loss by reducing free radicals and controlling glycemic response.

Opti-Reds 50 is packed full of 50 hand-selected, colorful fruits, vegetables, and herbs blended together to produce the most delicious and complete reds powder on the market today. This combination of ingredients is intended to create a powerful antioxidant effect to inhibit free radical production, boost metabolism at the cellular level, and optimize nitric oxide production in the body.


Level-1 Protein: (meal or snack replacement)
Protein is the building block for lean muscles and metabolic processes. So this is a great place to supplement for convenience. One scoop of Level-1 will give you the proteins, carbs, and fats that should be consumed in each meal. This is a “meal” that can be made/consumed in less than 2 minutes. They low-heat processing for both this protein and the post-workout protein ensures that you are able to digest all grams listed.

In the post-workout setting, there is NO whole/real food that can be eaten and digested quickly enough to do the job of a post-workout isolate protein and carb/glucose powder.  You don’t “build” muscle in working out. You are actually breaking muscle down. It will spike your blood sugar 6x faster than table sugar, so this shuts it off fast and shuttles the protein to the muscles quickly to heal the micro-tears and leads to a faster recovery and being FAR less sore. The less sore and fatigued you are, the better platform you are setting yourself up on for your next workout.

With the low temperature baked Level-1 Bars, you now have the world’s highest quality, best tasting protein in the convenience of a bar that you can eat anywhere.  

1 bar as a meal replacement or snack

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