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Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

Is there a difference?

Yes, yes there is and let talk about it.


When someone says I want to lose weight I ask them what is there idea image of themselves. 100% of the time they will say I want that toned look. So by them saying just that I know they want to lose body fat but they will argue till they are blue in the face.


So let me put it this way is you'r going to “lose weight” this is how you are going to look after you lose weight. Just a smaller version of yourself right now. Still not that ideal image you have pictured.


Now losing body fat is just how it sounds. Toning up, really is just saying you want your muscles to be more visible than they currently are. This is the most common reason why someone isn’t as toned as they’d like to be. Their body fat percentage is too high and there’s a layer of fat sitting on top of the muscle they want to see. This makes the person look “soft” and “flabby” rather than lean and toned. So losing fat decreases your fat and makes your muscle tone more visible

Now let us take it a few steps back. How weight loss works, it is the process in which the body starts losing fat with some amount of muscle and water weight. Now comes in play with FAT LOSS. This is in which the body burns fat from your body without losing muscle. When you lose fat, you make a permanent body composition change, this is that "toned" look.

A pound of muscle is very compact and consumes less space as compared to a pound of fat.

Every hear the phrase muscle weights more than fat. This is in fact a false statement a pound of muscle is going to weight the exact same as a pound of fat, 16 oz is 16oz. The truth in the matter is one pound of muscle is four times smaller than a pound of fat because muscle is denser than fat. Let me paint a picture for you. One pound of marshmallow is going to take up more space than a pound of steel. A pound of fat is bulky and fluffy, a pound of muscle is hard and dense.

Need help losing body fat and achieving that lean toned look let me help, you can get started with my 14 Day Challenge.


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