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Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Holiday season is officially among us which means Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, holiday parties, events and treats being delivered to you door. We tend to think to ourselves I'll start over next year while pushing our health to the sidelines during the holiday season. Instead of getting worse lets get better now before it all gets started.

So here is my 6 Healthy Holiday Tips

Don't skip meals

This is one big problem that people face is during the holidays, you will skip lunch because you know you'll eat ton for dinner. Instead of skipping lunch eat a smaller meal or have a snack instead. Think lean protein and veggies. This will curb your appetite with good healthy calories and not leave you starving and stuffing your face when it comes to your big meal dinner.

Pre- Game for the party

I know, I know this is going to be what you think it is. Pre-game on healthy food not booze! Have a salad or a nutritious snack before you head to the the party. You don't want to rely on the cheese and cracker tray to satisfy your hungry.

Be aware of liquid calories

Liquid calories add up fast and ca be a killer that people don't often think about. Im not just talking about just your adult beverages, this also includes holiday coffees and ciders. Instead of ordering that pumpkin spice latte or that peppermint mocha, alter it by having non-fay or almond milk, less pumps of the sugary flavor and also no or light whip cream.

**Did you know If your order a PSL with almond milk, 2 pumps of pumpkin spice and no whip cream it cuts close to 100 calories off and less sugar.

Don't stand right next to the snack table

This I think can be the most brutal of them all. The more distance you put between yourself and the snack table, the less likely you will be thinking about them. So don't loiter around the kitchen. Instead head to a different room, out of sight out of mind. When you do get hungry, put what you want on a plate and take it to the other room.

Drink a glass of water for every alcohol drink

Chances are you'll get offered more than one glass of something durning the party. Adding in alcohol makes your body work harder to get rid of the toxins. So the very least you can do is stay hydrated. Follow up with a glass of water after each alcohol drink.

**Just a little tip this will make a possible hangover much more bearable**

Make movement a part of your day

We all know the holiday “months” we tend to be busy, you may struggle finding time to exercise. Again, you might be out of town, visiting family and not have access to your usual commodities. Like a gym or your home workout equipment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit and healthy throughout the holidays by consciously making movement a part of your day.

Even without making time for a full-blown workout, you can keep your body moving.

  • Morning stretches

  • Go for a walk after a meal, ideally with the whole family

  • Do a short Yoga session

Things around the holidays tend to get a little hectic, to say the least. So take care of your physical and mental health by planning time for self-care and taking breaks when things get too much.

Here is a 25 Day Challenge I did over quarantine That can be used over the holidays as well.


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