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Holiday gifts Ideas for your Fitness Friends

Glute bands are a wonderful way to give your glutes a hard workout at home or at the gym. They are easy to use and are perfect for helping tighten and tone your lower body. Great for adding intensity to your workout giving you the extra burn. The Movéo band fabric wont roll up and stays in place.

This 5 PC Fabric Band set is perfect for home workouts, travel, physical therapy, and recovery work. Designed for durability and adaptability to all fitness levels. Bonus, they come in both pink and blue along with a carrying bag.

This is perfect for on the go smoothie, Bulletproof (or regular) coffee or tea. NO more leaks on your laptop or cold beverages by the time you get to work. This brand does the job. Also, there are so many cool colors to choose from!

I’m admittedly not a huge supplement person, but I do recognize the value of quite a few for women who are active. If you know your gift recipient struggles with getting enough protein in their day (particularly relevant for those women who might be doing heavy weight lifting or intense endurance exercise), then a protein powder may be a welcome gift.

Any fitness girl’s best friend!

Batiste happens to be one of my personal favorite brands + it’s super affordable too!

These cookbook is a must for the clean-eater on your Christmas List!

Emily Frisella delivers an unbelievable amount of variety- Plenty of flavorful recipes inspired by your favorite comfort foods. With options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack-time, there’s no excuse not to eat well all day long!

Anyone with even an occasional yoga practice can appreciate our favorite yoga mat for its Premium Microfiber Suede Top, Non-slip Surface: To increase grip simply mist lightly with water or your favorite essential oil. Whether your recipient will tote it to a strenuous heat yoga class or turn on some YouTube yoga in the living room, they're sure to find that the Movéo mat performs beautifully. The Mat is also Eco Friendly and come with black carrying strap.

Getting healthy is the marriage of two activities, exercising and eating right (we know, we wish it was possible from just sitting on the couch, too). However, nothing makes eating right more fun than making smoothies. They're like milkshakes in disguise (go with it), filled with fruits and veggies instead of ice cream.

••Now let kick it up a little Personalized gifts are also the best but you also can wait till the last minute to purchase them. Get Memorable Gifts They'll Never Expect. Personalize For The One-of-a-Kind Gift!

Personalize Signs If your workout buddy has become more of a personal trainer, gift them this cute "coach" print that defines the word and shows them just what they mean to you. All you have to do now is find the perfect frame and voila! You've got yourself a quick, easy gift.


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