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Level Up Your Booty Workouts

Did you know there are so many different booty workout exercises that you can do with just your body weight? Squats, lunges, fire hydrant, glute bridges, donkey kicks, good mornings, curtsy lunges man the list can go on and on but you get the point right?!

So lets fast forward a little bit, you've been on your fitness journey for a little while and body weight exercises is becoming a little to easy, I got you! Add in a booty band to make the resistance a little harder and turn up the intensity. You will be surprised how much just a little booty band will change up your workout.

Now for my intermediate and advance girlfriends, or hell maybe you are a beginner and would want to see how far you can push yourself. If you'r up for the challenge you'll need a set of dumbbells. On top of the booty band add in the dumbbells too. This will really vamp up your intensity and I promise your booty will be on fire!

So here you have my 8 favorite booty exercise that can be done with just your body weigh, booty bands and/or dumbbells. If you are looking for more workouts with bands here is another good one Booty Band and High Knees.

Christmas is also right around the corner so look for the limited Christmas edition of bands

The band below will be a limited gift with purchase over $35.


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