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Buffalo Chicken Dip

Because one the hardest things for me trying to stay on track is eating the same thing over and over and it was highly requested I share the recipe. - That’s why I’m always in the kitchen trying new things and switching it up. - Sometimes it’s good and sometimes its a bust. - But this one ☝🏼is one of my FAVORITES! And super EASY! - Buffalo Chicken Dip 🍗🧀🌶 - 1 Can of Chicken or Packet 2 Tbs of cream cheese soften 1 Tbs of hot sauce - Mix it up and put into a oven save bowl, into the over under boil for about 3-5 minutes to heat up then add shredded cheese I used 1/8 of a cup and but back under until melted. - I used sea salt pita chips to eat it!


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